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AI for Business - Leaders’ Workshop on Artificial Intelligence

Basic understanding of Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly important for all Business Leaders, not only those in Technology domain. Just like a better knowledge of finance allows Business leaders to make right decisions for their organization and groups, similarly a better understanding of nuances of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence would allow leaders to develop strategies to better connect with their customers and employees.

"Artificial Intelligence would not replace business leaders, but business leaders who understand AI would replace those that don’t"

In order to ensure that AI benefits all types of firms (and not just technology firms) and departments (and not just technical organization), we feel its critical to educate and evangelize the message around AI to different functional leaders. It was extremely encouraging to see a wide set of audience actively participate in a day long session on demystification of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The discussion around practical applications of AI, what to do and what not to, understanding when NOT to use AI led to some very interesting dialogues.

We look forward to many such interactive sessions and workshops in future.

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