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Nasscom Product Conclave — Transportation & Logistics

“For more than 100 years, automotive industry has created competitive advantage mainly through engineering excellence. Going forward, this will no longer be sufficient”, as per IBM’s Center for Applied Insights. Value add now and in future will come from Enhanced Customer Experience, Connectivity and Mobility possibilities.

"The auto industry is poised for more change in the next 5–10 years than its seen in the past 50 & this creates immense opportunities for product innovation in the space"

Come hear from experts and startups at Nasscom’s Product Conclave as to how some key trends are creating an opportunity for immense disruption. Increased role of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Vehicle-to-vehicle Communication, Telematics, Location based services, Electric Vehicles, Assisted Driving, Analytics, Security, Entertainment, New Business Models in Logistics & Insurance and much more……Step into the world of new age Transportation & Logistics !

Public Transportation — From “ Humara Bajaj” to “Maruti” to “Metro and Uber/Ola” — the everyday colloquial use of these words by itself demonstrate the evolution in India. Add to that the new launches in Bike and Cycle sharing and newer Metro and Public buses, the road landscape clearly looks a lot different than at the turn of the century. More than 200 million vehicles are registered in India now as compared to 45 million in 2001. Will the trend continue or would Millennials preference for Mobility drive a change ?Logistics — From unpredictable delivery times of 10 years ago to guaranteed 45 min and next day delivery models. Significant improvement has happened across both long and short hauls deliveries, a lot driven by innovative startups. Yet, huge opportunities still exist in this sector and there are miles to go before one sleeps…Automotive of Future — Indian consumer is spoilt for choice with multiple models across both 2 & 4 wheelers. Exterior and Interior of a Sedan/SUV is now at par and in some cases more advanced than what is seen globally. Would the same scenario be there when Electric Vehicles become a reality ? (Indian buyers currently have approx. 10 electric / hybrid car variants to choose from compared to 54 in US and over 100 in China). Will the Petrol stations of today get replaced by EV Charging stations in future ? Is there a role for Autonomous / Assisted driving in near future ? Would we see a significant improvement in Indian trucks ?Enhanced role of Technology and Artificial Intelligence — A vehicle is like a Smartphone on move. Analysis of multiple data points in real time have enabled some of the innovations in the sector and trend is expected to continue. Technology firms like Google, Microsoft, IBM & others are increasingly playing an important part in the sector. What innovative products lie in horizon ?Startups driving Innovation — A significant portion of innovation in Transportation and Logistics sector has been driven by startups. Their agility, risk taking ability compounded by support from venture capital has been a wakeup call for traditional players and have forced them to rethink some of their internal operations. This is a great time to be a startup or driving innovation within a corporate environment.

As India braces itself for significant changes in Automotive sector over next decade, partnerships and learning from others become critical. Transportation and Logistics Summit as part of Nasscom’s Product Conclave, is designed to have meaningful dialogue between different constituents to help drive the new set of innovations. Hope to see you there in Bangalore.

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