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 16th September, 2020

DQ Deep Tech 2020 fireside chat on "Does Deep Tech Need Deep Pockets?" 


Speakers: Rahul Agarwalla, Founder, SenseAI; Devika Thapar, Partner Wilbe, Girish Shivani, Executive Director & Fund Manager, YourNest Venture Capital

AI @ Chai - 2nd Virtual Session

25th March, 2020

"Demystifying Artificial Intelligence"

Continuing 'Chai per AI' virtual session with deeper insights from the global leader, Jacob Joseph of CleverTap. Jacob educated the group of 30+ investors, entrepreneurs and corporate executives with a session on the hyper-targeting of marketing using data science and machine learning.

Vinish Kathura, Managing Partner of SenseAI Ventures also explained the concept of "Market of One"- How can AI help companies treat every customer as a unique individual. 


AI @ Chai - 1st Virtual Session

22nd March, 2020

Continuing with the series of AI@Chat, we conducted 1st virtual session- AI @ Chai, with more than 25+ investors, entrepreneurs.

Vinish Kathuria, Managing Partner of SenseAI Ventures shared the next CB 100 AI startups to watch for, with a special focus on AI in health-tech. Participants had a healthy conversation with one of the emerging health-tech startups also.

AI @ Chai - 1st Session

3rd January, 2020

1st session of AI @ Chai held in Gurgaon, where more than 30+ investors, entrepreneurs participated.

Anurag Bist, CEO of Monet, one of our upcoming portfolio firms in the USA, enlightened with his startup journey and unique overlap of computer vision, emotions and market research.

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